The farm

Welcome to Sundviks Farm, a gem located next to the picturesque Bergslags Canal in the heart of Värmland. The farm consists of 40 hectares of arable land and 90 hectares of forest, creating a harmonious balance between cultivation and natural diversity. Here, in the beautiful Värmland nature, there are also 3 kilometers of shoreline along the edges of two picturesque lakes, offering opportunities for relaxation and recreation by the water.

At the sight of Sundviks farm environment, it’s clear that it’s not just a place for business, but also a place filled with family history and dedication. Since 1978, the farm has been owned by Hans and IngaLill Lindqvist, who have proudly managed its operations. With three adult children, Sundvik has become a place where generations of knowledge and passion come together to shape a vibrant and dynamic farm environment.

The farm buildings, nestled next to the glistening Lake Stora Lungen, offer an inviting atmosphere. With a view of the lake and the Bergslags Canal, each day serves as a reminder of the rich cultural heritage and the surrounding natural beauty that envelops the farm. The Bergslags Canal, which runs through the landscape, not only provides an aesthetically pleasing view but also offers opportunities for peaceful water walks and a unique connection with history.

Just 800 meters away, you’ll find the picturesque village of Lungsund, where time seems to stand still, and traditions thrive. Nine kilometers away, you’ll find the town of Storfors with its convenient amenities such as grocery stores, post office, banking services, and the Systembolaget (liquor store). Furthermore, the proximity to Kristinehamn and Filipstad – approximately 30 kilometers and 25 kilometers away, respectively – serves as a reminder that Sundviks Farm, despite its idyllic seclusion, is still connected to larger communities and their opportunities.

Welcome to Sundviks Farm, a place where the depth of history and the potential of the future intertwine in a multifaceted and scenic environment. Here, you have the opportunity to explore traditional Värmland farm culture while enjoying modern comfort and proximity to the community.